DevOps ecosystem for Kubernetes

📦 Components


Continuous Integration and Deployment platform based on klifter and Tekton.


🏗️ Work in Progress

Microservice infrastructure generation based on KubeVela.


🏗️ Work in Progress

Complex Event Processing infrastructure generation based on Kubirds and KubeVela.


🏗️ Work in Progress

Kubernetes as a Service platform based on vcluster.

⚙️ Tools

klifter 🚀

GitOps tool used to deploy your Kubernetes resources and applications from a Git repository.

klander ♻️

Compliance-As-Code tool for DevOps used to reconcile divergences from a desired Kubernetes cluster state.

Datapio SDK 🛠️

Set of libraries to help you build tools for DevOps, Kubernetes, and other Cloud technologies.


Cloud-Native Supervision engine.