This page is related to experimental features that are not yet released and/or stable.

Why Datapio ?

History lesson

  • Docker:

    • developers can focus on writing business code
    • packagers can focus on packaging applications
    • operators can focus on deploying applications
  • Kubernetes:

    • operators can describe the whole infrastructure in YAML
    • orchestrate clusters and docker containers
  • CI/CD:

    • packaging and deployment automated
    • glue all aspects of a project’s lifecycle together
  • Micro Services:

    • divide your application into decoupled services
    • business code complexity decreased
    • infrastructure complexity increased:
      • service mesh
      • auto discovery
      • api gateway
  • Event Sourcing:

    • immutable databases
    • complex event processing
    • infrastructure flexibility/decoupling increased
    • infrastructure complexity increased


  • provide cloud provisionning and CI/CD to support such an infrastructure
  • reduce infrastructure complexity with abstraction and automation
  • designed as a SaaS solution


  • create a black-box tool, abstraction is here to simplify not obfuscate
  • force a particular CI/CD workflow